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At Salzman Financial Management, LLC, we cut through the complexities. Grounded in our decade-plus CPA and financial expertise, we inform, we guide and we enable. Contact us today to learn more.

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Salzman Financial Management, LLC

Salzman Financial Management LLC is an investment advisory and financial planning firm devoted to serving the best interests of the client through high standards of integrity and outstanding service. Retirement involves great uncertainty in terms of how much people can live on and whether or not they can live comfortably. We offer proven investment strategies that provide a steady return on investment over a long period of time, and we provide comprehensive financial planning to project your assets throughout retirement. Our goal is to make sure that when people retire all of their financial needs are met. Salzman Financial Management LLC believes that when a client prospers we prosper.

Our Client Experience

Whether you’re new to investing or a seasoned veteran, Salzman Financial Management, LLC (SFM) strives to eliminate the guesswork, streamline your decisions and advance your financial goals, reinforced by our structured support:


We offer advice that is financially sound, and tax- and cost-efficient.


Designed to deliver clarity to financial planning and investment management activities.


We meld your needs with sensible strategy to construct effective investment solutions.


We construct your portfolio from one of four models we’ve expertly designed.

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Salzman Financial Management, LLC

Peter Salzman, CFP® and CPA

Owner & Founder

About Salzman Financial Management, LLC

Salzman Financial Management, LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor firm providing financial planning and investment management services to individuals, couples and families who seek a boutique level of care and a sensible, cost-effective approach to building wealth. Peter Salzman, CFP® and CPA founded SFM in 1997 to complement his tax-preparation services. Tax clients were coming to him with unanswered questions about their investments. To address their financial concerns, Peter developed a five-phase process to meld deliberate long-term planning; sound, asset-class-based investment strategy; and low-cost fund solutions available from Dimensional Fund Advisors.

Peter is a Certified Financial Planner™, CPA and an IRS-designated enrolled agent (which means he is authorized to represent taxpayers at all IRS administrative levels). He maintains his credentials by dedicating time annually to required continuing education (40 credits for CPA, 15 for CFP and 12 for EA), focusing on subjects that will be of most value to his client base. Peter gained insights into the technical challenges within the financial industry, serving as a tax and financial software tester for TaxCut and Managing Your Money. He also worked for the accounting firm Leipziger & Breskin, prior to establishing his independent advisory firm. Peter holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Pace University.